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If text articles and videos can be posted online, what about the dramas aired on TV? Some people just can’t find time to watch their favourite dramas. Well, here’s good news for you: Gossip Lanka has now opened their page for the full episodes of numerous TV dramas. Here are some of the Gossip Lanka teledramas posted on their page.

Bonda Meedum-Sinhala Teledrama is shown on TV every Friday at 8:30PM. Since this time is already when people are already home, there’s probably little chance for viewers to miss this. However, this only airs once a week. If you want to know in advance what’s going to happen next, you can go to Gossip Lanka teledrama ’s site and get a full section of Bonda Meedum-Sinhala Tele Drama’s 250 full episodes!

Another is Sandawath Seya. This drama is also impossible to miss since it air every Sunday at 7:30PM. But if you forget to watch an episode, it’s such a misery to wait for another seven days just to get a glimpse of your favourite stars on a steamy love story. This drama also has a short TV screening because it only has 34 episodes. You can watch this drama in Gossip Lanka teledrama website if you don’t want to grow grumpy in waiting for the next episode to air on TV or just watch it.

Gossip Lanka truly feeds all your televiewing needs; may it be for dramas, news, music videos, or interviews. What’s best with Gossip Lanka is not do they only have a long list of Sri Lankan dramas and it full episodes, they also viewers to download the videos. If you want to keep watching the episodes over and over again without waiting for the video to buffer, you can download it directly from Gossip Lanka.